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    Core Unit Systems Medicine

    The Core Unit (CU) Systems Medicine is a facility of the medical faculty of the University of Würzburg and the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) of the University Hospital of Würzburg. The CU Systems Medicine is your partner for the application and development of high-throughput technologies for handling systems biological and systems medical questions.

    Currently the CU Systems Medicine consists of established sub-units for support in and execution of diverse genomic analyses - particularly "next-generation sequencing" - and associated bioinformatic data analysis.

    Key activities of the CU Systems Medicine comprise basic research-oriented functional genomics research projects (e.g. RNA-based regulatory mechanisms and epigenetic phenomena) as well as medically relevant projects (e.g. decoding of genetic or gene-regulatory mechanisms with relevance in disease-associated processes in cancer, diabetes and infectious diseases). A particular focus of the CU Systems Medicine consists of development and application of highly parallel molecular single-cell analyses.

    Further sub-units, in particular for the support of systems biological data analyses and modelling using integration of various data sets (diagnostic markers, proteomic or metabolomic data sets) are in preparation. For this purpose the CU Systems Medicine conducts pilot studies in the field of systems biology.

    In addition to supporting research of researchers of all departments of the University and the University Clinics in Würzburg, the CU Systems Medicine collaborates with external scientists as well as with research consortia to solve demanding systems biological/medical research questions.


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